Pimp Your Phone With Anya Hindmarch

How clever are these cross body straps for your phone from Anya Hindmarch?!



No one goes anywhere without their phone these days, and I mean nowhere. Who goes out to the local shop for 5 minutes without panicking that they will miss a very important text, you know the kind that you never usually get. You’ll be back in 5 mins for god's sake! But what if my car breaks down?! What if there are no ready salted crisps and I don’t know his second choice?! Let’s face it, we’re going nowhere without our phones.

One of my pet hates is people shoving their phones in their jeans back pocket. I would hold it in my hand no matter how inconvenient it is, i.e. trying to retrieve money from my purse at the cashier till while carefully ensuring my phone doesn’t slip and end up on the floor. Don’t set it on the counter, you’ll walk away without it (although you won’t get far without realising your right arm has been cut off!), still, you don’t want a wasted trip back to the shop.

If you’re going out for the day or going shopping you’ll most likely take your handbag but if your heading to the gym for example (you don’t want to bury your phone at the bottom of your gym back - again that important call could just come through) or to the supermarket and you only need your phone and card, then these cross body phone holders from Anya Hindmarch are genius. They are mega convenient, free up both hands and your phone is always close by when needed. I see so many people walking around holding their phones in their hands, clearly not needing a bag (and in some cases even when they have a bag). Don’t risk dropping your phone, getting it snatched, setting it down somewhere and forgetting to pick it up. If you need it a lot (which we all seem to do these days, even just to tell the time), get one of these cross body straps from Anya Hindmarch. And don’t they look quite chic?! Very modern and stylish.

So, when your phone, card and keys are all you need, these are perfect. And when you are commuting keep your phone at hand, you don't want to dive into your handbag every time it pings.

It's just a matter of choosing the case you want, then the strap attachment, or wristlet if you prefer, and the envelope purse sticker. You basically build your own, so if you only want the case and strap and don't feel the need for the purse attachment, then go for that. We are so loving them. Andy Hindmarch is such a fun brand anyway when it comes to accessories.


fashionBy Kerrie W