Clarins: All About Women

Clarins is the brand that knows how to cater for women!


Since opening the very first Clarins Institute in 1954, Jacques Courtin has accompanied women at every moment in their lives. Each and every Clarins innovation has been inspired by, and created for, women. In short, we owe everything to women. To you.

Clarins is a family company that was founded in 1954 by the medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who died in 2007. His son, Christian Courtin-Clarins, has been the chairman of Clarins since 2000.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins listened to women. They inspired him and influenced everything about the Clarins brand. All his innovation and aspirations for the brands he owes to women.

In 1957, Courtin-Clarins developed a new approach to face and body treatments and created a few luxury products based exclusively on plants. Starting out in 1954 in Paris, the company started to spread internationally with its first exclusive contracts at the beginning of the 1970s. At the end of 2005, the group has 19 subsidiary companies of distribution in more than 150 countries. 

Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Claire Courtin-Clarins, Prisca Courtin-Clarins, and Jenna Courtin-Clarins act as brand ambassadors.

Clarins is one of the first brands that encouraged women to care for their skin and their bodies. It remains a well trusted brands today and for very good reason. Not many people haven't tried (and loved) Clarins products, even of you don't use all of them. Two of my favourites are the Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs and their Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, which permanently sit on my bathroom shelf.

Listen to his granddaughter tell the beautiful story behind Clarins, in the video below: