Friday Music Pick - The 1975

The 1975 aren't holding back on voicing their opinion on their new track 'Love It If We Made It'

The track comes from the bands upcoming album 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships', which is due out in October. ‘Give Yourself A Try’, the first single, was a squealing indie anthem, where lead singer Matty Healy unravels all those anxious twenty something moments.

 ‘Love It If We Made It’,  lead by Healy’s tortured wailing, has lyrics that are stuffed with pop culture references, political snipes and the odd sociological theory; Trump, Kanye West, police brutality, National Anthem protests and refugee crisis. 

‘Love It If We Made It’ it’s quite outward. And it’s me kind of looking out. It’s an interesting one, because there’s not a lot of context and a lot of things that I say in a kind of direct quotes of people or the headlines that I’ve read.”
— Matt Healy

The single is released July 20 and with lines like “Fuck your feelings! Truth is only hear say!” it's sure to capture attention.