Mango's Autumn/Winter '18 Offering Is Presented In Ibiza


Mango are at the top of the game with High Street Fashion


Mango maintains its modern outlook towards fashion and stays true to its cultural character, with their Autumn/Winter '18 collection which reflects a clear evolution in design, a transformation in fabrics and timeless and feminine basics. Including garments with contemporary silhouettes, 70s-inspired looks and animal prints.

There was no better place to showcase this new season collection than in Ibiza, an island also known for its 70s-inspired culture and natural spirit.



A more sophisticated and contemporary look presents itself through the Autumn/Winter '18 collection. The pieces within this collection are contemporary silhouettes and 70s-inspired prints, key among which is animal print, maintaining the more natural spirit of Ibiza, distancing themselves from conventionalisms. The garments have evolved, giving centre stage to an eclectic range of colours and volumes which are maintained in all the stylings, especially in heavy-knit garments, long-sleeved and round-neck pieces. Similarly, denim has evolved towards a more refined look with details on the stitching of each piece.



While other high street fashion brands are suffering from competition, Mango is staying ahead of the game by creating beautiful elegant pieces and understanding what its customer wants, keeping the price tag where it is achievable for their loyal fan base.

Mango invited national and international fashion editors to Ibiza to watch the unveiling of their new season collection.

Watch the video below, which shows the presentation of the Autumn/Winter '18 collection in a beautiful rustic villa in Ibiza and where the fashion editors share their thoughts and views on the new collection.


Check out the Autumn/Winter '18 collection at Mango.

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fashionBy Kerrie Wmango