Insights: Intuitive Eating


We have become obsessed with food. In all senses. Eating too much, eating too little, eating the wrong kinds of foods, obsessing over eating superfoods. It’s insane. We need to eat to survive. The one and only reason we need to eat. Of course we want to enjoy what we eat but not if it’s detrimental to our health. Forget the word diet, unless it’s used in the correct way, meaning the way you eat, not the omission of a, b, c or d. We know what weight we need to be for our height. This is what is healthy, no less and no more (within reason of course - let's not get a new obsession with not moving off this exact weight).

Intuitive eating is a phrase that is being talked about right now and it makes sense. It’s a change in the way you think about eating as opposed to what you are eating. Take care of the former and the latter will take care of itself. 

Think about eating to fuel your body. We need to eat so that our bodies can function. Fuel it with the right kinds of food so that it has the energy it needs to performs all it’s tasks. So, you don’t want to underfeed it. Your body needs a certain amount of fat and we all know the good fats from the bad fats (do a little research it if you don’t). Give it what it needs. And, equally, don’t give it what it doesn’t need. Feeding it full of sugar will satisfy you in the short term but it will play havoc with your body in the long term. Our bodies don’t need sugar and sugar is bad for our bodies. It causes your body to go into overdrive and do things that it doesn’t naturally do, in order to undo the damage you are causing.


We need to stop overthinking food, and just eat. Think about your three meals everyday. Plan ahead and teach yourself not to think about food beyond that. Don’t overeat at meal times. Stop when your body says its had enough. If you ‘need’ a snack in between, do it wisely. Don’t deprive your body and don’t wait until your so hungry you eat the wrong thing.

Equally, don’t torture yourself. If you cannot stop thinking about that piece of chocolate you’ve been craving for days, have it and be done with it. Move on. A little bit now and again isn’t going to hurt.

We almost need to re-educate ourselves. Stop with the rules, the new diet fads, what’s a superfood. We know what is good and what is bad. Diets don’t work, you’re counting calories rather than eating healthy. We all know that a fresh crisp salad for lunch is much better for you than cheese on toast.


Intuitive eating is a huge shift in mindset I know, but we can do it. Eat your breakfast, don’t think about food again until lunchtime, eat your lunch, don’t think about food again until dinner, eat your dinner. If you eat wisely at each meal, you won’t need to snack or feel hungry. The evenings are the biggest issue for most people. We don’t tend to eat in the evenings because we are hungry. It’s usually due to boredom, emotional stress, habit or while we are watching a movie. Find other ways to de-stress. Try reading a book instead of watching a movie, it’s more difficult to munch while holding a book. Once you've broken your current cycle and eat intuitively, you won't think about food they you used to.

It’s mind over matter. Give it a go. It won’t be easy initially but doesn’t it just make sense?!