Quickest Lunch/Snack



I love mashed avocado on toast! And not just because instagram pictures tells me I should or because it's the new 'superfood' to eat. It's simply because it is so tasty and quick to make. Admittedly, it may have been the whole trend surrounding this little fruit that sparked off my interest in it a few years ago but since then it's become a staple in my diet.

I used to put it in my morning smoothie but I have a different (well-loved) recipe I am using at the moment so, keen to keep it included in my diet (it's amazingly good for you), I use it in other ways, salads being one. But by far my favourite way to eat avocado is to mash it with a little salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil and spread it on a piece of toasted rye bread. You could use normal bread but I prefer to use a healthy option like rye. The mashed avocado works particularly well with rye bread.

This is great on it's own for breakfast or a snack. But I usually eat it at lunch time and put a poached egg on top or I sometimes chop up a hard boiled egg and mixed it through the mashed avocado. This makes it a bit more substantial for lunch. You could prepare this in the morning and take it in an airtight container and spread it on your toast at lunchtime. Obviously the poached egg would only work if you were at home or had full kitchen facilities at work.

This breakfast/lunch/snack is so quick and easy to make that I am currently eating it at least three times a week. I also find that if I have been really busy on a certain day and forget to eat, I reach for this quick meal to satisfy my hunger and because it is so quick and easy to make, it stops me reaching for easy unhealthy snacks and meals. I quite often boil a couple of eggs and keep them in the fridge for a day or two at the ready, to mix with my mashed avocado (which takes seconds to prepare). Enjoy!

lifestyle, foodBy Regina Turk