Alexa Chung Collection

One of Britain’s fashion muses, Alexa Chung, has been a big name within the fashion industry, having talked her way around the industry for some years, now with titles such as front row regular, DJ, TV presenter, writer and designer muse (and don’t forget she started out as a model at the end of the ‘90s). She collaborated with many fashion brands until she took the plunge in 2017 and launched her own namesake label.

Much of the inspiration for her collections have come from her icons of literature, music and film, with a touch of the Alexa Chung humour thrown in for good measure. When it comes to fashion, Alexa Chung doesn’t take herself too seriously but manages to deliver exactly what we want to be wearing. She keeps her collections super on trend, with equal measures of androgyny and femininity.

Alexa’s personal style rules are:

Don’t wear stuff that doesn’t suit you just because a magazine told you it was cool. Follow your natural instinct and eye and celebrate what you’re drawn to.
— Alexa Chung

Here are some of our favourite pieces from her new collection:

fashion, editorBy Kerrie W