Aveda Hand Relief

I’m getting all my hand creams at the ready for extra applications during the winter. With usually about three different ones on the go, I need to stock up. I keep them everywhere, one in my handbag (the most important place as I always seem to only remember to apply it once I have left the house), one on my bedside table and one at my work desk.

Aveda Hand Relief is the one that currently sits on my bedside table that I put on every night before I turn out the light. This hand cream is one of the best, and I have tried many of them. As much as I like trying lots of different ones, I am starting to favour a few and this is definitely one of them. It is a rich cream that totally delivers in terms of moisturising your hands and not needing too many top up applications throughout the day (it will even survive a few hand washes!). Some hand creams can leave you feeling like they haven’t done much for you skin. But Aveda leaves your skin nourished and more importantly looking younger. It takes away that dry weathered look that winter, in particular, likes to show on our hands. This hand cream is definitely for those who suffer from very dry chapped hands in the winter.

For a rich thick cream, it surprisingly sinks in rather well and quickly, just don’t use too much or it may feel a little greasy. The packaging is perfect. Anything in a tube works for me, I hate taking hand cream from a jar.

This one is a keeper. It costs £21 for 125ml, so a little pricey but if you need something that is going to do the trick, then it’s well worth it. Available at Liberty London.