River Island Home Is Here!

Inspired by our love of fashion, River Island Home brings us a range of homeware which includes soft furnishings, home accessories, furniture and storage, in three key trends:


Electric Opulence - Explore your most lavish tastes with this sumptuous trend. The rich colour palette desires to envelope you in an exotic new world, lit up by dazzling bolts of bright. It’s high-octane, from the decadent animal motifs and soft Mongolian furs, to the collected antique finish trinkets that speak of travel and discovery.


New Nordic - Calm your senses and declutter your mind as you enter this most tranquil space. Here, stripped back Scandinavian chic is warmed with a cosy neutral palette. Mixed textures bring tactility to the contemporary aesthetic, think marble and metallics, contrasted with wool and fur. Finally, look for geometric shapes that bring a dynamic edge to this hug of a homeware trend.


Baby Doll - Life looks sweeter in pink. Your most playful self will want to run wild in this kitsch and colourful paradise. Hyper-cute with a rock n’ roll edge, give in to leopard and lip print cushions, floral printed rugs and candles with conversational motifs - all with a dusting of sparkle, straight out of your dreams.


River Island’s signature style can be seen throughout the 160-piece collection, with the aim that we can change the look and feel of our homes seasonally. Put a unique spin in your home from a brand that knows what we want in our wardrobe. Whether you want something bright and kitsch, extravagantly opulent or stripped back and chic, River Island Homeware has it covered.

....RI Home... Style doesn’t end at our clothes. Where we eat, the fragrance we wear and way we decorate our homes says as much about us as our favourite pair of jeans. With this in mind, we wanted to give our customer the chance to bring some of that signature River Island style and personality out of the wardrobe and into their homes.

Shop the collection at www.riverisland.com/homeware