Spider-man: Far From Home Trailer

Fans who have been patiently waiting for the release of the first official trailer for Spider-man: Far From Home, here you have it!

The Homecoming sequel sees our hero, played by Tom Holland, travelling to Europe with his friends for the summer. The two and a half minute trailer packs a lot in, set around Europe, including a first look at Jake Gyllenhaal as villain Mysterio who teams up with Spider-man in this venture, and Zendaya Coleman back as Michelle.

Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent.

Check out the action packed trailer below:


Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5. 

lifestyle, artsBy Eddy Mason