A-COLD-WALL* A/W '19/20

A-COLD-WALL* hit the runway at Mens Fashion Week in London.

The brand that merges the differing class system within Britain, for example working class garments with tailoring, is receiving much acclaim. Founded in 2015 by London-based designer Samuel Ross, the imagination and energy that goes into this brand is evident. Even the basic t-shirt gets special handcrafted attention, with the designer himself taping the logo.

Considering Samuel Ross is the ex-assistant and now the consultant of Virgil Abloh, Off-White founder, it comes as no surprise that this streetwear designer has created a brand that stands out from the rest. He has become an overnight sensation.

With his use of materials such as latex, PVC, tarpaulin, rubber and nylon, Ross brings street-chic to the runway and to our streets.

With an elaborate electronic soundtrack, watch this amazing show below:


A-COLD-WALL* is available at END. Clothing and Browns.

fashionBy Sebastian Walters