The Ultimate Skin Wellness Sheet Mask


My bathroom cabinet was stressing me out a few months ago, with products half used that I was reluctant to throw out due to the fact that they actually cost me money and unless I had an adverse effect to them, they remained sitting there unused, as I moved onto the next new thing I was trying.

So, in an attempt to streamline my skincare, I used up as much of these half empty products as possible and gave away ones that I knew I wouldn’t use again. I now pretty much keep to only stocking products that I use on a regular basis. Among these items were a few masks that I sporadically used. When it comes to masks, I don’t particularly feel the need for a deep cleansing mask because I double cleanse every night and cleanse in the morning, along with a liquid exfoliant twice a week, so my skin is thoroughly cleansed on a continuous basis. Whilst I absolutely love the ritual of a mask, and will indulge in them from time to time, they don’t particularly add anything to my skincare regime. This, of course is with the exception of hydration masks.

I am currently indulging in the sheet mask club and loving them for their relaxation, their intense hydration on my parched winter skin and the results are insane. At the back of my bathroom cabinet was a single sheet mask from QMS Medicosmetics - their Activator Mask, which I was keeping for a special occasion when my skin was going to reap the benefits. This occasion came about two months ago, when my skin was red, blotchy and parched from the move into winter. This mask was pure heaven and when I applied it to my face, my skin drank up the goodness, leaving it totally free of redness, fully hydrated and completely even toned. I actually panicked when I realised I had none on reserve (so I bought some more).

How often you use this mask really depends on your needs. I have normal dehydrated skin and I would probably use it once or twice a month. Again, if you have a perfect (for you) skincare regime, you won’t need to use this mask often. Perfect occasions are after a night out drinking, spending long periods of time outdoors in harsh weather and if you are a frequent traveller, these are a dream to apply on a long haul flight.

With high concentrations of marine collagens and hyaluronic acid, this fleece mask improves the appearance of stressed and tired skin, leaving it perfectly fresh and soft.

QMS Medicosmetics Activator Mask comes with a bottle of Activator Mask liquid and 8 tabs. Allow each tab to swell up in 10-12ml of liquid, then unfold the sheet and place it onto the skin by gently pressing it down.

This is one of the best instant hydrating products that I have ever used and it will remain part of my skincare regime - no need for any other masks!

QMS Medicosmetics Activator Mask is available at Liberty London and costs £66 for 8 usages (that’s £8.25 per use, pretty average for single sheet masks!).