Rihanna To Launch Luxury Clothing Line


If you’re wondering why Rihanna hasn’t been dropping any new music recently (although she is reportedly due to release a new album later this year), then it may well be because she has been busy with other projects. Not her makeup line….or another collaboration with a sportswear brand…or any other clothing brand for that matter. No, Rihanna is going straight to the top this time as she talks with LVMH to launch a luxury clothing line in her own name.

LVMH own many of the top high end fashion brands including Christian Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Marc Jacobs. This isn’t going to be any high street brand, or even a mid range brand, Rihanna is going to be up there with the best of them. And just to put this into perspective, LVMH has not launched a fashion brand since Christian Lacroix in 1987.

Rumours are that Rihanna’s fashion brand will be labelled ‘Fenty’, her surname and also the name of her makeup line. If her fashion label takes off to even half the success of ‘Fenty Beauty’, which caused a sensation around the world, then she’ll have arrived in the fashion world. One of the reasons for her success in the beauty world and her lingerie collaboration with Savage has been her ability to create a diverse range of products to include all sizes and races, something that many brands fail to accommodate.

Rihanna is a woman who is not just using her celebrity status to get her fingers into as many pies as possible. She knows what women want to wear (on their body and their faces) and so she is putting the work in, and the time, and reaping the benefits, as are we!

fashionBy Kerrie W