The Votary Super Seed Challenge


Votary’s Super Seed range was created to ‘feed your skin’. These products are what you reach for when your skin is unhealthy and in need of extra attention. Which is why I have been using it for the past six weeks (although I have been using the cream for longer than this). This is the first winter in a long time where my skin hasn’t played up on me. It hasn’t had the redness and angry sensitivity it usually experiences the minute the cold sets in and the central heating is stepped up. I started using Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream in December and was absolutely amazed at the results. It nourished my skin beyond any other single product I have used in a long time. By using this cream, it meant that I didn’t suffer the usual adverse affects I get and instead of fighting with my skin all winter, I enjoyed a ‘normal’ skin type with my dehydration well in check.

This prompted me to take on the full ‘Votary Super Seed Challenge’, which included cleansing with their oil (and removing it with their fabulous face cloth), followed with my usual serum, then applying super seed facial oil and locked in with super seed nutrient cream. This ‘Super Seed Challenge’ also included their Super Seed Nutritional Supplement.

Firstly, a little bit of information on Votary’s Super Seed range. It is packed with a fragrance-free blend of 21 different Super Seed oils. If you are careful about what you eat, then why wouldn’t you be careful about what you put on your skin?! This range was created to calm sensitive skin with redness and irritation. Blended to boost the skins natural barrier, it leaves your skin strong and healthy.

Votary’s Super Seed is where healthy eating meets healthy skin. Our Super Seed range will leave your skin nourished, soothed, hydrated and plump, from the inside out.

Ok, so first I start by cleansing my skin (in the morning and after removing my makeup in the evening, i.e. for my second cleanse) with Super Seed Cleansing Oil. Votary suggest using four to five pumps of oil but I find two pumps more than adequate for me (bearing in mind I have already removed my makeup with a separate cleanser). This oil is far more superior than other oil cleansers I have used. The texture is a dream. I know it’s an oil and you would think all oils are similar but trust me, they’re not. This oil feels so velvety on your skin, you will want to take your time and massage it in for as long as possible. It is designed to remove your makeup. I personal prefer to use it as my second cleanse to thoroughly clean my skin. Removing my makeup is a means to an end, whereas cleansing my skin is a ritual I enjoy. The cleansing oil is removed with the amazing face cloth that come with each cleanser. Again, you would think a face cloth is a face cloth….but, no, this face cloth is thick, fluffy and so soft it is very kind to your skin. You can also buy them separately in a pack of five.

Next is onto the Super Seed Facial Oil. For me personally, the facial oil and the cream together is too much. If you have dry skin, this is a perfect combination. I find the two together too rich for my normal dehydrated skin, unless my skin is really suffering. So, I use the oil at night (following my serum) and the nutrient cream in the morning. I love to do my skin care routine as early in the evening as possible, so that this oil has all evening to start its magic. I actually find myself throughout the evening taking my fingers to my face and doing sporadic mini massages. This oil immediately soothes your skin of any irritation and prevents any further sensitivity. While this oil is on your skin, it will remain calm and deeply nourished. You can feel the goodness and quality of this oil on your skin.

The Super Seed Nutrient Cream is probably my favourite product within the range. It was created for those you wanted to lock in their oils with a cream. However, as I stated above, I personally don’t need the two together. I prefer to use the cream in the morning as it sits beautifully under my makeup and on days when I am not wearing makeup, it leaves me with an even toned, nourished, glowing skin. I did a full review of this product at the end of last year, you can read it here. But suffice to say that this moisturiser is one the best I have ever used and will be going nowhere. I imagine that I won’t need to use it on a daily basis in the warmer months but I will never be without a pot for days where my skin is suffering from the harsh elements and feeling under the weather. A totally amazing product. Well done Votary!


The other product that I have been using in the Super Seed range is their Nutritional Supplement. This food supplement sits very nicely alongside the skincare range. It is a blend of 10 select virgin cold-pressed seed oils, including organic hemp, borage and chia. This natural oil is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, that have been carefully balanced to support beautiful skin, glossy hair and strong nails. Taken daily, it can be added to smoothies, yoghurts or salads, or just taken alone. Although skincare is only applied topically, with this supplement I love that I am reaping the benefits of healthy skin from the inside out (coupled with a good diet, of course!).

The Votary brand itself is an incredible range of products but the Super Seed range in particular is something that you should try if you have aggravated skin that looks and feels unhealthy and nothing you have tried has worked. This isn’t just another product recommendation, its a range of products that will recover your desperate skin from it long sufferings, redness, irritation, sensitivity, dehydration, dryness.

Votary is available at Liberty London and Space NK.