New Goal For 2019


New Years Resolutions are something that I sometimes think about and sometimes don’t. I certainly don’t give much thought to them prior to Christmas and usually sometime between Christmas and New Year. Quite often brought on by overindulgence, I am forced to sit up and take stock of my life, health, fitness etc. Last year I made a few of the usual ones in terms of my wellbeing and pretty much stuck to it. When I went off the track a little I didn’t beat myself up and just climbed back on.

This year I actually didn’t think about making any resolutions at all. There just wasn’t anything jumping up, slapping me in the face and saying ‘let’s do this’. It was only until I got into the new year that I started thinking more about what I could actively do in caring for the environment. I have never been one to preach, or even think about (much to my shame now) the environment and how we are killing it, at an unmerciful rate. I always left it to others to resolve on my behalf. Again, shamefully, I always believed that anything I personally did was ineffective and it needs the big guys to wake up and make changes. Whilst this statement is true, I began to realise that if I didn’t change my opinion, I was just as bad as those who refuse to make the impactful changes, the ones who see making money and having power much more important than killing the planet we live on.

So, I have vowed to make as many changes as I possibly can. The first one I had already started in 2018, more for health reasons but now it is equally for the benefit of the planet, and that is eat less meat. I am what everyone is now terming a ‘flexitarian’. My diet only consists of about 20% meat now but I am pleased to say that this is mostly chicken and fish. The real culprit of red meat rarely features in my diet. I am not going to pretend that I reduced my meat intake because of environmental concerns but I am overjoyed that by doing so I am contributing to a cleaner world.


I live in the country where the air is cleaner (apart from the odd farm emitting foul smells) but the other day my husband and I went for an evening walk around where we live and were horrified by the choking smell of wood/coal burning from people chimneys. We have done this ourselves, in winter it is difficult to get the house warm enough, so we have burned fires also. We stopped this a couple of years ago because of the hassle involved but I genuinely don’t think I could do it again due to the damage this is doing to the environment. We have actually made a conscious effort to only put the central heating on when absolutely necessary (jumpers first please). I admit this is difficult right now because we are in the coldest months of the year but every little effort helps.

Plastic is a difficult one because it is not easy to avoid it when much of our food comes wrapped in it. Yes we can take our own non-plastic bags to the supermarket but we can’t avoid buying food that comes in plastic. I do wish the government would impose stricter laws regarding this, there really isn’t need for half of the packaging at supermarkets.

Other conscious ways we can make a difference is thing about printing and only do it if necessary. Technology has made this a little easier for us with its ability to store information online. And if you do need to print things, use it again when finished for scrap paper. Recycle as much as possible and use reusable coffee/water cups, save on electricity and water and walk if possible, leave the car at home.

Where it is difficult to make changes, i.e. flying to your holiday destinations (I like to travel a lot), I am going to make an effort to offset this carbon footprint by doing something positive, like planting a tree or donating to environmental charities.

As this year goes on, I hope to improve on my efforts to help save our planet and make every possible change that I can personally make in helping the human race to stop killing this beautiful world we live in.

Please help me by making little changes and they will all add up. And just maybe, together, we can make it work.

editorialBy Lauren Posey