Apparently Beige Isn't Boring Anymore

Using the word ‘Beige’ to describe anything has quite negative connotations. In food, it’s used to describe an unhealthy diet, if someone is referred to as being beige, then they aren’t exactly life and soul of the party and in fashion beige conjures up images of tourists. I mean beige was a dirty word in the fashion world, with many preferring words like camel, oatmeal, stone and sand.

Well, guess what the new colour for 2019 is?! Yes, you guessed right, ‘Beige’!

It’s already dominated the catwalk towards the end on last year, with SS19 collections from Chanel and Burberry, to name two, showing us how to wear it. And of course, we know that whatever hits the runway hits the high street not long after. We know and trust our high-end fashion brands to take a trend that was dead in the water and bring it back to life again.

Whilst neon is at one end of the spectrum, beige is at the other. We can embrace both, can’t we?! Although we may not have believed it, beige might just be the colour that makes us stand out in a crowd. And the best way to wear it? - from head to toe!

So, we did a little shopping to see what was starting to hit the stores in ‘beige’: