Beauty Tips: Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare

The new skincare ingredient that has caught my attention lately is Niacinamide, otherwise known as Vitamin B3. It’s one that I wasn’t overly familiar with until now and the reason being it is talked about everywhere. This is the one for brightening and hydrating as well as effectively targeting acne and breakouts, enhancing collagen production and helping to reduce hyperpigmentation. Not a bad result for one little ingredient!

It’s quite an all rounder in terms of it being suitable for all skin types, it’s ingredients and the results it delivers. As well as the benefits above, it is great for pore clarity and has anti-ageing properties. For many of us, we will suffer from some if not many of these issues and so it is a great ingredient to include in your skincare routine.

Niacinamide works by boosting the production of ceramides, which helps our skin to trap water, so it is a great hydration booster and helps maintain a robust outer layer by keeping everything plump and youthful looking. Dehydrated skin sufferers will benefit from its use in particular. It’s also an anti-inflammatory so will help to keep pores from becoming clogged.

Niacinamide isn’t a new ingredient, it’s just one that hasn’t been given much hype but it’s probably included in many products without us even realising it. Now it’s time to sit up and take note, look out for it and include it in our skincare routine. It will be a bit easier to find it these days as more brands are starting to include it on their labelling.

It’s one of those ingredients that actually really works!