Could This Be The World's Most Expensive Fragrance?


At $1.3 million, this perfume is in for the race for the world’s most expensive fragrance. But we suspect the bottle and case it is adorned in could well play a part in its high price tag, given that is housed in an Italian Murano crystal bottle containing 3,571 diamonds, huge pearls, 2.5kg of 18-karat gold and 5.9kg of pure silver. All of which sits on a leather stand at 2 metres tall.

Created by The Spirit of Dubai, Shumukh, as the perfume is known, has ingredients from all over the world and tells the story of Dubai. The fragrance contains hints of sandalwood, musk, ylang ylang, Turkish rose and Indian agarwood.

Commercially, the most expensive bottle of perfume available, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is Clive Christian No.1 which cost $205,000, although there were other one off bottles created including one by DKNY , which was the world’s first million dollar bottle, but it wasn’t available to buy, instead being auctioned off for charity. Shumukh, however is more expensive by milliliter.

Whether it wins the title or not, it may not last with others coming forward hot on their hells.

If you find yourself in Dubai over the next couple of days, you can see it on display at Dubai Mall until 30 March.

beautyBy Lauren Posey