Leggings: The Debate


Leggings have always been a bone of contention. Even the most fabulous figure can still look unflattering in leggings. But the problem is, everyone seems to be wearing them. So, do we embrace them and try to get it right or do we avoid them because they can be unflattering?

All shapes and sizes are wearing leggings. If I see another pair of pink knickers shinning through a badly made pair of leggings again, or worse still the flesh of a bare ass (g-strings have their place but not when they reveal this much!) I think I will call the fashion police.

I mean, I’m all for individuality and wearing what they hell you want, it’s your prerogative. But give it a little more thought than what appears to be going into it. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I find leggings acceptable when worn with a longline top/shirt. Leggings are comfortable, they go great with trainers and they are easy to throw on when chilling out. But they are only one option of what to wear on a given day. Walk around any town and all you see these days are leggings, on every age and every shape and size. It’s like there are no other fashion choices.

And no-one seems at all conscious about hiding their derriere, no matter what shape or size it is, opting to wear cropped tops and letting the rest all hang out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insult anyone, I like leggings myself but I have a mirror in my house. So when I put on a pair of leggings I literally bend over, twist myself around so that I can check it out in the mirror and if I can see anything underneath I either won’t wear them or will make sure what is on top well covers my bottom. I’m sometimes astounded at the views in front of me, I do not want someones (for all intents and purposes) backside in my face while I walk along the street. And of course there are different levels of concealment, from a mild VPL to actually seeing the colour of flesh. I know light in your bedroom can be darker than daylight in the street but you really need to check these things out girls. It’s not attractive! I have 2 pairs of sports branded leggings and one pair of plain black leggings and there isn’t one pair that I find acceptable to wear without a top that covers my butt cheeks (just for the record I don’t have any issues with my butt). It’s just that you can see my knickers underneath. And I’m talking VPL, I’m talking you can see the colour and pattern. Also, no-one wants to see your camel toe at the front! Oh, I just remembered I recently bought a pair of Allsaints leather trousers which I would (although haven’t yet) wear something that revealed my bottom (no see through issues).

Personally, I believe that you should wear what you want, just make sure you get it right when you do. Check yourself out in the mirror, from all angles, and make sure it looks good. Leggings are comfortable, they are only unflattering if you get it wrong, and that includes showing the world what is underneath them. We spent so long worrying about VPL but now we seem happy to show everything. It’s almost like if your visible panty line is going to show you may as well show the entire knicker! I wear leggings when I chill out around home or if I am working out. When it comes to going out (and I don’t mean running to the shop - happy to go to the shop in them) I prefer not to wear them unless they are my leather leggings which I love.

I don’t believe leggings are inappropriate. They are actually very appropriate for people running around doing errands and when travelling they can be a great option. I just think that sometimes people wear them inappropriately.