Byredo Hair Perfume

I never thought I would see the day that I would be saying I like a hair perfume. I totally dismissed these as a waste of money. Why would you possibly pay a fortune for a fragrance to go in your hair. Fragrance is for your neck and décolletage and you wrists i.e. your sensual points. But your hair?! I’m lucky if my hair sees three washes in the week, let alone get treated with its own fragrance.

I always saw hair perfume as pointless as Chanel No.5 deodorant (which I still believe to be a ridiculous waste of money - maybe I could be converted now!). But, along came Byredo Hair Perfume in Blanche (via my Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar) and I had a complete turn around in my opinion of hair fragrances. Admittedly I haven’t tried many others but as a lover of Byredo in general, I can definitely say that I will try others.

When I spray this in hair my husband always asks me ‘what’s that nice smell?’, however when I spray my beloved perfumes he never seems to notice. But I must admit it does leave the entire room smelling of the scent and every time I move my head and my hair swooshes around my face (yes, I often do it deliberately) the aroma is divine.

A lock-friendly rendition of a fragrance icon from Byredo, Blanche hair perfume is a nourishing, invisible spray formula that's specially developed to cling to the hairs' fibres for a subtle diffusion that develops throughout the day.

Blanche is a pure and clean olfactory perception of the colour white, incorporating fresh, delicate notes of white rose, neroli and blonde woods. Infused with a distinct chord of clean linen, this simple perfume makes a surprisingly strong impact, showing an appreciation for classic beauty which quickly morphs into modern statement thanks to aldehydes, pink pepper and musk.

This hair fragrance is one I use on freshly washed hair days and perhaps the day after, then I wait until I wash my hair again as usually it’s time for the dry shampoo to come out. I don’t use a regular perfume if I am using this obviously (can’t mix your fragrances) unless of course I was to buy the Byredo Blanche perfume.

Don’t be fooled (like I was) into thinking that a hair perfume is too subtle for the money to be spent. This is up there as an equal with my perfumes.

Byredo Hair Perfume is available at Liberty London.