Cabana x MatchesFashion Collaboration

Cabana and MatchesFashion have collaborated to launch a new tableware collection

Cabana, Martina Mondadori Sartogo’s magazine turned lifestyle brand, has teamed up with MatchesFashion to bring us exclusive capsules pieces like pink Samarkand motif linens and green Italian Murano glassware. The collection was somewhat inspired by Venice and is designed to kindle a lifestyle. The designers principles are never to follow matching rules, so mix up colours and patterns and keep flowers looking rustic, not manicured.

Cabana Magazine is a biannual publication celebrating exquisite Italian interior design that was founded by Martina Mondadori Sartogo in 2014 and has now developed its own homeware line. Sartorgo’s appreciation for the stories behind living spaces was kindled by her father, publisher and collector Leonardo Mondadori, who favoured Impressionist drawings and ancient Roman mosaics, and who supported her growing interest with extensive travel throughout her childhood. This globe-trotting narrative translates into the collection’s Italian-crafted dining linens, hand-blown Murano glassware and statement ceramics in rich and vibrant hues; pieces that are designed to be displayed and loved throughout a lifetime.


These pink plates from Italian interiors publication Cabana Magazine will bring an artistic air to your table setting. They’re crafted in Italy with a burgundy splatter pattern reminiscent of the surface of speckled eggs, ensuring each is one of a kind. Complement the delightful impression with a patterned tablecloth for a summer party.

Set of two splatter-print plates, £122
Raffia placemat, £30
Samarkand floral-print linen tablecloth, £278


Let Cabana’s white tray bring statement opulent flair to alfresco dining settings. It’s crafted in Italy from wood and is hand-painted with an intricate floral design in red, yellow and black. Watch it lend neutral spaces an artful flourish, styled with linens and simple glassware.

Floral wooden tray, £318

Cabana Magazine's orange Penellate water glasses are a modern interpretation of a longstanding history of Italian glassware heritage. They're defined with a swirling pattern in orange, green and yellow and finished with silver-hued glazing for an elegant result. Let them bring retro-tinted charm into a dining room display.

Set of six Pennellate water glasses, £315


Italian interior design publication Cabana Magazine’s foray into homeware results in charming pieces such as this white Corolla plate. It’s made in Italy with a vibrant blue and red hand-painted floral pattern that frames the rim, echoing founder Martina Mondadori Sartogo’s fascination with ancient patterns. Place it on a striped tablecloth to bring a joyful mood to your dinner setting.

Corolla small floral plate, £78
Tingere-striped linen tablecloth, £278
Set of four Tingere striped linen napkins, £88


This cream vase is accented with Cabana Magazine's signature Rinascimento floral pattern, which takes inspiration from traditional Tuscan pottery. It's crafted by hand in Florence, Italy from ceramic, then finished with the classic illustration in yellow, blue and brown hues. Complement it with a colourful bouquet to welcome visitors to your home.

Rinascimento large floral vase, £380


Cabana’s set of two blue and yellow candlesticks posses a distinctly artisanal quality, reminiscent of vintage Tuscan ceramics. It’s crafted in the label’s Italian workshop then painted by hand to achieve a subtly unique finish to each piece. Lay them in the middle of the table at your next dinner party for an elegant centrepiece.

Set of two bi-colour candlesticks, £335
Rinascimento floral-print linen tablecloth, £278


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