Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen Bringing The Row To London

Credit: MatchesFashion

Credit: MatchesFashion


US style-icon siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen founded The Row in 2007. The brand takes its moniker from London’s home of tailoring, Savile Row. Their pieces exude stealth luxury and minimalist ease; think draped T-shirts in the most luxurious fabrics, fluid, innovatively cut dresses and accessories in the rarest of skins.

The Olsen twins have been working their entire life and they have a very strong work ethos that has paid off. You don’t get to where they are, bearing in mind they are still only 32, without sheer hard work and determination. They have many strings to their bow, actors, models and fashion designers. These girls have vision and they know what they want. However, they remain quite humble about it all. They launched The Row having little experience of the fashion industry, although being the style icons that they are known for played a helping hand.


The Row has remained fairly underground in terms of being known as the high end fashion brand that it is, unless of course, you know. I mean, they have been in the limelight for so long, it’s difficult to think people don’t know about The Row. Having spent so many years in the spotlight, the Olsens prefer to take a backseat these days and let their fashion brand The Row speak for itself. And that it does!


The clothing range has a rather understated image as well, although luxurious, keeps its style elegant and streamlined but with innovative simpleness, a task which is probably more difficult to pull off than one might imagine. In fact, the brand started out with Ashley and Mary-Kate wanting to create the perfect white t-shirt, in good fabric, without all the fuss of logos. Slowly boutiques and stores started to buy them which eventually led to The Row opening its first store in LA and then New York. So still relatively understated in terms of its availability, The Row is coming to London bringing the total number of stores to three.


The Row is modern minimalist at its best. Ahead of their London store opening, scheduled for this summer, it is available at MatchesFashion.

fashionBy Kerrie W