Indeed Laboratories Hydration Booster


Taking advice from K-beauty, I am always keen to add extra steps into my skincare routine. I haven’t quite got to 7 steps, which is probably their minimum amount of skincare steps but I will happily add in extra products that will effectively increase the productivity of my skin. Hydration boosters are a great place to start, especially if you are interested in increasing hydration, which I definitely am.

The latest one I have tried is amazing and my favourite so far. Indeed Labs Hydration Booster is perfect for dehydrated skin. I changed from my current hydration booster to this one after quickly realising that niacinamide is an ingredient that I should be including in my skincare and didn’t see much of it in any of my products.

Indeed Labs Hydration Booster contains two ingredients that are now top of my list; hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Use these morning and night and they will amp up your day and night creams. I use a moisturiser but 1) have always struggles to find one that is perfect for me and 2) I prefer to concentrate on the active ingredients in serums and boosters. So for me, a hydration booster that can add extra moisture as opposed to a heavy moisturiser (not for me, thanks!) is perfect.

As well as the instant hit of hydration that you can feel immediately after applying this product, the niacinamide helps to comfort your skin and reduce inflammation or any redness. The blend of hydration actives are designed to restore vital moisture loss beneath the skin’s surface, so it treats both surface and subsurface level hydration.

It can be used alone or added to your serum, moisturiser or liquid foundation. Personally I prefer to apply it alone on clean skin before my serum and moisturiser. However a good tip is: if you are applying makeup later in the day, I will apply a couple of drops to my skin before foundation, almost like a primer.

It’s not the easiest product to get hold of though. It is available at ASOS (although out of stock at the moment) but for some reason other companies that sell Indeed Labs don’t seem to have this particular product. Just checked, it’s also available at If you can get your hands on it, it’s a great hydration booster that can be comfortably slotted into your current skincare routine. It really does pack quite a punch! It’s very reasonably priced at £16.99.