Trish McAvoy Instant Eye Lift

Being a bit of a beauty junkie, I love discovering new products, reading and listening to people talk about beauty, from top makeup artists to my best friend. I am always interested in what they are using and I love trading stories. Some products I have used for so long and would never be without them, others I have bought on recommendation and others I have received through samples. Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift was a product that I received in last years Liberty Advent Calendar (one of the reason I love getting this every year is for the surprise element of trying new products and brands).

Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift is only the second product I have from this brand (resulting in me quickly becoming a fan of this now trusted brand). The first product I tried was her Classic Lip Colour in Pink Nude which immediately became my favourite nude lipstick. The colour and texture is perfect for me. So I was keen to see how I would get on with the Instant Eye Lift.

I must admit when I first got this product I didn’t realise it was a corrector, I assumed it was a clever concealer. I thought it did all, correct and conceal. So it took me a few practices (and reading up) before I perfected it. When used in the right way, i.e. as a corrector, then followed with a little concealer, just enough to take the skin tone back to normal, it is a fabulous product.

Trish McEvoy as a makeup artist is all about light on the face, so she is all about taking down the shadows and brightening up the high point of the face. If you take this product and apply it to one eye, then compare the difference, you can totally see how it knocks back the dark circles, shadows and discolouration under the eye area. It is a fantastic product. The ultra-light formula looks undetectable on skin while infusing it with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamin E. As well as being a makeup product it is also a treatment product, blurring the look of fine lines for a dramatically lifted effect.

Trish uses the triangle technique to achieve her under eye correcting look, where she applies the product in an upside down triangle shape under the eye and then blends it in with a flat brush. Watch her quick tutorial below on how she achieves this:


Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift is available at Liberty London.