A Hand Cream That Absorbs Instantly

Hand cream is one of those products that you imagine has to be thick enough to soak into the skin and fully hydrate your skin. The only problem with a thick cream is that you have to sit around dangling your hands like a baby doll until you can even so much as pick up your phone and scroll your latest instagram feed. There is nothing less satisfying though than applying a hand cream that does absorb quickly (tick) but does absolutely nothing to nourish your dry hands.

None of us want old lady hands, certainly not prematurely. Our hands are the first sign that gives away our age. We spend so much time and money on our faces because they are constantly exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Well so are our hands, they are never covered up. We just don’t give them the same love and care.

QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care is my latest go to hand cream. I was unconvinced by it the first time I used it because it almost looks like a serum it is so light in texture, so nowhere near what I love as my luscious thick hand cream. I was even slightly concerned when it absorbed into my hands almost immediately upon application. My scepticism expected it to be lacking in the hydrating department.

The best hand cream I have ever tried.
— Monica Vinader, Jeweller

It is actually quite amazing that this very light cream, that you need very little of, can reap the results it promises, which are:

“ An anti-aging intensely moisturising and uniquely protective hand treatment devised to be instantly absorbed with no greasy residue. This highly effective formulation helps nurture the skin’s natural moisture and nutrients storage against the early signs of ageing, hands are velvety smooth with every use.”

This hand cream is designed to preserve your skin’s natural moisture while protecting against external aggressors. It is no exaggeration that you can immediately carry on with whatever you were doing after applying this hand cream. So it’s great for during the day. And the results are there to be seen. Your hands are left feeling exactly what they say ‘velvety smooth’. The packaging is great, it comes in a tube so perfect for your handbag. It is not just all these things though, it’s anti-wrinkle effect is the best I have seen in a hand cream.

Available at Liberty London