Is K-Beauty Taking A U-Turn?


News is starting to come in that the lusted after K-beauty trend could be turning their back on the famous multiple skincare steps and streamlining to a more simple approach.

While some of you may feel frustrated because we were just starting to build up on the skincare steps that we routinely take, on the advice of our South Korean beauty counterparts. Others may feel rejoiced because, while you may still have bought into it, you realise that it is just not possible to incorporate ten plus steps morning and night but felt defeated by it. Are there really that many different types of products that can go on the skin? I think I got as far as four steps on a normal day (cleanse, hydrating booster, serum, moisturise) and six on my extra step days (cleanse, exfoliate, mask, hydrating booster, serum, moisturise). I can’t possibly think how I could’ve increased it any further without huge expense and confusion, for me and my skin.

It seems that our South Korean friends are beginning to minimalise their beauty routine in line with opting for a more simpler and stress free lifestyle. So young urbanites are demanding something different from their beauty care. Whilst they don’t want to compromise on the health of their skin, they do want to make it more straightforward. In fact, they are of the opinion that too many steps can have a negative effect on the skin.

Perhaps in a strange turn of events, they are seeing that our ‘less is more’ approach to beauty is more effective and less confusing. Either way, we look forward to seeing how beauty companies in Asia respond to this new change.

My advice to skincare is to start with small steps, don’t overload it until your skin has got used to each new ingredient/product and stop when it reaches its optimum condition. It’s always so tempting, particularly if you follow many of the beauty writers, to add more in or change products because of a new review you read. It may take you a while, along with some expert advice, to figure out what your skin needs but when you get there, be happy and stick to this routine, bearing in mind of course that your skin may change seasonally.