Book Your Bridal Fitting At Agent Provocateur


Finding the perfect bridal lingerie is just as important as finding the right dress. It might not matter to all your guests what you are wearing underneath, but there are two very important people on your wedding day that will take a keen interest in what you are wearing when you step out of your dress at the end of the night.

As you lounge around your hotel room or wherever you are staying that night, you will begin to reminisce on the fabulous day you both had. You can either do this wearing a towel dressing gown from your hotel room or you can strategically sit on the edge of the bed in your new sexy lingerie and show your new husband just how lucky he got!


Agent Provocateur offers the most luxurious lingerie when it comes to bridal wear. And whilst it may seem quite stressful as you plan every detail of your perfect day, this British lingerie brand are here to take that stress away by offering you a bridal service that not only takes away this stress, it will also add a lot of fun and memories for you.

Take your best friend, your bridal party, whoever you want and head to Agent Provocateur for a special bridal fitting where you can relax in the comfort of their shop, with a glass of champagne at the ready and let your assistant show you what’s on offer.

Getting married is a very special time that will provide you with years of happy memories. Create as many as you can to last a lifetime!


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